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Wisdom Teeth Extraction


Dentistry is committed to preserving and restoring health to teeth. When conservative measures are unable to ensure oral health, tooth extraction may be necessary. Tooth extraction can pave the way for surrounding teeth to remain healthy and adult teeth to erupt successfully.  

 Dr. Christopher H. Martone has the expertise of an oral surgeon to provide safe and comfortable dental extractions. For over thirty years, patients in Natrona Heights and the surrounding communities of Leechburg, Apollo, Vandergrift, New Kensington, and Freeport have trusted his gentle care to protect their smiles and maintain optimal oral health.  

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

The most commonly extracted teeth are wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth contribute no vital function to your oral bite since the back molars are sufficient to chew effectively.  Also, there is often insufficient space for wisdom teeth to grow in comfortably. 
Overcrowding can cause dental pain, especially if the wisdom teeth are impacted and only partially exposed. Gums can become swollen and infected, leading to other potential health risks. Crowding can also threaten teeth that have undergone orthodontic care by shifting teeth into misalignment and malocclusion. 

Other Causes for Tooth Extraction 

There are several other reasons tooth extraction may be necessary:
Teeth have extensive damage due to trauma. 
Advanced dental decay that cannot be treated with root canal therapy. 
Teeth loosened by gum disease and bone loss. 
To make space for the emergence of adult teeth by removing baby teeth. 

Gentle Care from Start to Finish 

Whether you are a young child or a mature patient, Dr. Martone’s calm and gentle demeanor reduces the stress and anxiety many feel towards dental treatments. He makes certain patients are informed of procedures and patiently explains the steps of treatment. You are given post-operative instructions and checked on to make certain healing is on track.   

Sedation Options for Anxious Patients 

Dr. Martone provides effective options to give you a dental experience that maximizes comfort. We offer several sedation choices that are safe and effective for anxious patients including oral sedatives, nitrous oxide, local anesthesia, and IV sedation.  

Dr. Christopher H. Martone, DMD is Committed to Excellence 

Serving Natrona Heights, Lower Burrell, Leechburg, Apollo, and Vandergrift, Dr. Martone strives for quality care for each and every patient. Your safety, comfort, and oral health are his top priority. If you need extraction services, contact his office today! 724-224-7888


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